About Maine

"Maine's state license plate confidently decrees "the way life should be", and it's hard to disagree. Its rugged, lighthouse-dotted shoreline in the very northeastern tip of America separates the Atlantic Ocean from an interior patchwork of lakes and dense forests. Inhale the head-clearing aroma of pine trees in the North Woods forest, picking Maine's beloved, intensely flavorful blueberries along the way..."

from Frommer's online destination guide.

"The mountain seemed a vast aggregation of loose rocks, as if some time it had rained rocks, and they lay as they fell on the mountain sides, nowhere fairly at rest, but leaning on each other, rocking stones, with cavities between, but scarcely any soil or smoother shelf. They were the raw materials of a planet dropped from an unseen quarry, which the vast chemistry of nature would anon work up, or work down, into the smiling and verdant plains and valleys of earth."

Henry David Thoreau, The Maine Woods

You will find more detailed general information about the state and area at:

Maine Office of Tourism: http://www.visitmaine.com

Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maine


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