Plenary Speakers

Our changing physical and chemical climate - the ice record (Monday a.m.)

Paul Mayewski, Climate Change Institute, University of Maine


The paleolimnological record of long-term and recent chemical and physical environmental changes (Monday p.m.)

Daniel Engstrom, St. Croix Watershed Research Station


The changing aquatic chemistry environment (Tuesday a.m.)

Jiri Kopacek,  Biology Centre AS CR, Institute of Hydrobiology, CZ


Simulating history and the future (Tuesday p.m.)

Filip Moldan, Swedish Environmental Research Institute


When experiments are insufficient: Dealing with the multidimensionality of environmental change (Thursday a.m.)

Emily Bernhardt, Duke University


The failure of cross-sectional economic valuation in a time series world (Thursday p.m.)

Kevin Boyle, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University