North Atlantic Blues Festival

The North Atlantic Blues Festival (NABF) is an annual two-day music festival featuring national blues performers and is considered one of the most prestigious in the eastern US.  It will be held on July 14-15, 2012, the weekend before BIOGEOMON 2012.  The festival is held on the ocean waterfront in picturesque Rockland, Maine.  Rockland is a 30 minute coastal drive from the BIOGEOMON venue.  They will have all-day live entertainment and vendors selling a wide variety of food, drinks, and crafts.  They will also have bands performing on Main Street in Rockland for all ages at no charge.  For more information, go to the NABF website or keyword web search "North Atlantic Blues Festival".  You can enjoy the music festival and then travel to BIOGEOMON in time for the reception, Sunday evening, July 15th.  It is possible to add the evenings of July 13 and 14 at Point Lookout.  Accomodations at nearby motels may be in high demand because of the festival, so book early.